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pcb repair

PCB Scientist Experts for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repairs of all types of PCS for power, telecom, RF, Network, consumer electronics, any types of electronics & automation PCB semiconductor.

We have following capabilities of PCB Repair...

  1. Repair of all types of SMD components.
  2. Repair of All types of every company SMPS.
  3. Repair of all types of controller & BGA.
  4. After repairing of PCB boards, functionality tested to ensure performance.
  5. All PCB repair warranty.
  6. Repair of All types of server, router , switches for IT.
  7. All types of telecom equipments repair services offered.
  8. Services offered of AMC for laptop, computers, server.
  9. Repair of all types of Laptop & TAB's, & Mobile.