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pcb design services

PCB Scientist is providing PCB design solutions to its customers. We are specialized in designing of all types of PCB's like power , telecom, consumer electronics , network , GPRS, Railway, Lighting, Metering , Automotive , We have capability of design of high-speed, multi-layer, mixed signals, RF PCB designing along with fabrication , assembly & repair will give added value to the customers looking for one stop solutions for their PCB requirements.

  1. Require a PCB layout from design schematics which you have created by hardware team.
  2. Have an existing design that needs to be any engineer change order, A per your requirement fulfill of same PCB design.
  3. For a new PCB design, which documents you want we can provide related to PCB design.

We have following capabilities of design services...

  1. Schematic capture as per created by you either copied from PCB.
  2. We are creating Assembly drawings, fabrication drawings as per costumer requirement.
  3. Board layout from a customer supplied schematic diagram & Reverse engineering.
  4. We have capacities of High Speed Backplane and Mid-plane Designs Micro BGA / Micro via/ Blind & Buried Vias , Multi-layer boards, split ground planes, differential pairs, high speed rules Routing per trace/space, keep-out, and clearance rules specified by customer.
  5. Component re-sequencing based on physical layout, reverse annotation to schematic.
  6. DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance per customer rules, testability report.
  7. We are providing services of Manufacturability (DFM).
  8. We are providing services of Design for Assembly (DFA).
  9. We are providing services of Design for Testability (DFT).
  10. We are providing 24 / 7 Design Support.